24V Solenoid Valve Fit for Deutz Engine BF3M 1011 BF4M 1011F BF4L

Condition: New
Voltage: 24V
Supply Ability: 50000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Diesel Fuel Shut Down Shut Off Stop Solenoid Valve 

Mfg P/N                    : 0427 2734 

Application            : Deutz Engine 1011F Series (BF3M 1011F, BF4M 1011F, BF4L) 

                                  : Deutz Engine 1011 Series (F3L 1011, F4L 1011, BF4M 1011)

Warranty                  : 1 Year


If there is no current in the electromagnetic coil, there is no magnetic field, and the armature is not subject to magnetic force but is pushed by the compression spring.

The piston center rod is connected with the armature, so the center rod is pushed down, and the piston cone is inserted into the cone seat. In this way, the passage from the inlet to the outlet is blocked. If current flows through the coil, a magnetic field is generated, and the magnetic force pushes the armature upward.

The armature must overcome the force of the spring to push the center rod and the piston cone away from the cone seat, and the passage from the inlet to the outlet can be smooth. Electromagnets are two-position devices, that is, either fully open or fully closed. So it is the device used in the open-close control system.

The current received by the solenoid valve can be AC or DC, depending on the design, but it is still more common to drive with AC.

The AC solenoid valve has a serious disadvantage that the DC solenoid valve does not.

If the AC solenoid valve gets stuck in the closed or half-closed position, it is likely to burn after applying current. This is because the armature cannot enter the center of the coil, so the inductance of the coil is always low. (The inductance of the coil varies greatly depending on the dielectric coefficient of the center material. The dielectric coefficient of iron is more than a thousand times different than that of air.) Because of the low inductance and low inductance, a large current will flow Coil. The coil was finally burnt due to overheating.

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